Day 3 - January 27, 2016

Day 3.jpg

I cannot emphasize the importance of breath in your practice enough!  Each movement in sync with an inhalation or exhalation.  Physical exercise places stress on the body, and naturally the brain sends signals to "hurry up and get it done," and in response, we tend to move faster and breathe more rapidly.  Yoga will challenge you to slow down the movement to follow your breath; it is not a race.  When you learn to control your breath, you will gain the ability to lengthen the breath and find peace in stressful situations.  Breathwork is one of the many beautiful rewards you will gain by having a regular yoga practice. 

I encourage you to reward yourself today with five uninterrupted minutes to practice breathing.  (Is she nuts?  I breathe all day long!)  Yes, I know, but practice breathing slowly, "yogically," if you will.  See if you can lengthen the breath to a count of 5 to 6 seconds taking the breath in, observe a gentle pause, and then 5 to 6 seconds letting the breath go.  Then try for 7 to 8 seconds in each direction.  When you inhale, let your belly rise and fall.  Breathe all the way down into your stomach; don't restrict yourself to just breathing in the lungs.  (Okay, now she's really lost it.)  Trust me, watch a baby breathe, you will see the belly rise and fall.  It is in adulthood that we stop breathing deeply and restrict ourselves to just the capacity of our lungs.  It is in adulthood that we give up our breath and lose our peace.


Aum Shanti