Day 8 - February 1, 2016

Day 12.jpg

You made it through week 1!  WOOHOO!!!  

At this point, it may be getting a little challenging so BE GENTLE and listen to your body.  Injuring yourself now will do you no good!  If you need to split up your Sun Salutations to multiple sessions that is okay too!  You may also modify as much as necessary.  Just focus on your breath and quieting your mind.  Perhaps this week you set an intention at the beginning of your practice.  Maybe something like, "today I will be grateful for what I have," or "I will be patient with myself," or "today I will forgive."  Whatever you feel in your heart, let that be your focus.  Like Sri Pattabhi Jois says, "Yoga is an internal practice.  The rest is just a circus.”

Peace ~