Class Descriptions

Core Classes:

Vinyasa Flow ~ “breath-synchronized movement” using traditional asanas (poses) to increase stamina, build strength and improve flexibility.  This is an Ashtanga based class that is also idea for weight loss.  All levels welcome.  Great class for beginners!  

Yin Yoga (Yoga for Jocks) ~ Also known as the quiet practice, Yin works on opening the deep connective tissues and joints of the body. Positions are held 3 – 5 minutes each which can be challenging; however, props can be used to increase comfort.  All levels welcome.

Prenatal Yoga ~ Designed to reduce stress and anxiety, increase; strength, flexibility and endurance of childbirth muscles.  Each practice will include breathing exercises, gentle stretching and asanas (postures) followed by a cool down and relaxation.  Props are used to provide support and comfort during the practice.  Healthcare provider release required.  All levels welcome.  

Power Hour ~ Vigorous fitness-based class with more challenging asanas (poses) sequenced to focus on strength & flexibility.   All fitness and experience levels welcome and encouraged!

Kids Yoga (3 – 12 yrs) ~ Fun poses and activities designed to explore imagination, improve; concentration, balance & coordination.

Mommy/Daddy & Me Babies (8 weeks – new walker) ~ A wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby!  Gentle poses sequenced to combine yoga with play. 

Mommy/Daddy & Me Toddler (new walker – 3 yrs.) ~ A wonderful opportunity to bond with your little one!  Fun poses sequenced to combine yoga with play.

Private Session ~ Private Lessons are available, please contact me for further information.

Special Workshops:

Couples Yoga ~ There is no better way to spend an evening with someone you care for! This two hour workshop will explore poses that encourage partners to connect, communicate & build trust using partner poses.

Yoga 101 ~ This two hour introduction to yoga is a great place for those new to the yoga practice to start as well as experienced yogis wanting to refresh on the basics. We will discuss the origins of Yoga as well as an in-depth asana (pose) workshop where we will break down the basic and most common yoga poses. All levels welcome.