Preparing for your class

A few tips to help prepare for your yoga class:

1.  Come to class hydrated!  I also recommend drinking a cup of hot or warm tea before class to help warm the body.  It is also very important to maintain your hydration during class so bring water to drink during class!  I recommend room temperature water to keep your body warm during your practice.

2. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow for ease of movement.  Keep in mind; however, a few postures are inverted therefore very loose tops may get in the way of your practice.

3. Do not eat at least 1 hour prior to your class.  Many asanas (postures) are twists or inversions that will be uncomfortable with a full stomach.

4.  Plan to arrive 10-15 before class to check in and discuss any heath concerns with me that will modify your practice.

5.  If you are participating in the Prenatal Yoga class you will need a release from your healthcare provider.

What to bring to class:

1. Yoga Mat - yoga mats come in a variety of styles and prices.  If you have questions please let me know!

2. Towel - a hand or face towel to dry off during your practice.  You will sweat! 

3. Water - again it is very important to stay hydrated during class, especially Vinayasa Flow & Power Hour!

4. Props - Many students use blocks, straps or bands to assist them in postures.  I also recommend a pillow and/or blanket for Yin & Prenatal classes.